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CUSL Final Prizes

Congratulations to Lynckia, now called Licode for wining the CUSL contest. They really made a good work.

CodeReimagined keeps adding new features, and a paper has recently been submitted to SEED (Simposio Español de Entretemimieto Digial).

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CUSL ’13 (Spanish Universitary Free Software Contest) has a local winner in Granada

And the winner is… Zomblind! Congratulations. They made a great audio-game for blind people (but also for anyone who likes games of zombies).

Code Reimagined,  Osgiliath,  Truco, and Daf Collage were awarded with an accesit. Here is de presentation I made with Prezi: Spanish presentation.

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CUSL Local Final in Granada

Tomorrow is the local final in Granada of the CUSL contest. I will show a brief presentation about the project, its development and some results. I’ll post the presentation here as soon as I finish it. I don’t expect to win at all but everything could happen… who knows. See you there (ETSIIT, salón de grados at 9:30am). Ah! the school’s anniversary is too, you all are invited to this nice fiesta. 🙂

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