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#6hackathon summary

Last weekend Maryo continued his adventure at Spiral StartUp facilities. We were given there a beautiful space to work and have some fun all together. The result: now you can see Maryo walking over the code as you move the caret on it. Here is a screen capture:


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New versions always mean improvements!

We are still working on our project, and we have made some improvements! Now you can choose the Debug Mode!! With this tool you will be able to see rectangles defining methods, variables and more! This way will be even easier to understand the code. Here is an image so you can figure out what we are talking about:


With the button in the right top you can choose between normal mode and the new Debug Mode.

We have also improve the For statement. And a lot of new things are coming soon!

Will you be able to play the Super-Maryo level created by your own code? Who knows…? Impossible is nothing!

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