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CUSL Final Prizes

Congratulations to Lynckia, now called Licode for wining the CUSL contest. They really made a good work.

CodeReimagined keeps adding new features, and a paper has recently been submitted to SEED (Simposio Español de Entretemimieto Digial).

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New hackathon coming soon… April 19th

Finally a new opportunity for Code Reimagined to leverage great talents from IT school  in Granada (and make steps forward) has arisen from the arrangement of another hackathon meeting. This time will be at Spiral Startups, during the weekend of April, 19th. If you feel strong, healthy and you like classic games and programming, you are invited to participate and also have some fun with us. Thanks!

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Code Re-imagined

Hello all, welcome to a new programming adventure. In this blog you can see the progress of the Code Re-imagined (CR) project. CR is an eclipse plug-in. The idea is simple: turn your java code into a super Mario game stage. Then you can follow Mario while debugging your code and quickly access any place on it. Many features are expected to be developed in the future, so stay connected if you like this. The code of the project is in a very early stage so don’t expect too much, the important thing is the idea behind. Thank you!

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