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#5hackathon just started.

Several interesting projects are presenting their prototypes today in the #5hackathon. Good luck to all, and lets have some fun .

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Finally git works!

The project is now on GitHub:
I am now getting familiar with git (distributed control version). To get started, you could try EGIT, an Eclipse plugin to manage git. Git stores the entire repository on your disk, so the trick is on merging branches. The push command will upload all the local changes made in your current branch to the cloud. If you are used to Subversion, (or any other centralized control version system) be warned that you have to think different. So let’s go and see what is really git about!

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Now on GIT!!

Forget the last entry because the project is now being migrated to GIT. As soon as possible, I’ll post some instructions to get started with this (first, I have to learn, I expect not to lose the commits for the contest, not with luck!!).

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Getting started

First we need to download Eclipse, at the moment, INDIGO release. I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Next, install Subversive. The project is in, svn 1.4. Now create a new project from SVN in eclipse and tell it to find projects inside. The project is called SuperMarioCode. That’s all. Now you can debug it! :).

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Coffee With… Code Re-imagined

Next February 26th at 10:00 in the OSL-UGR, I’m giving a short presentation about Code Re-imagined. I want to take this opportunity to show the advantages of make the code friendlier (yes, it’s possible). I’ll post here the link to the presentation (once done). See you there! ūüôā

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Code Re-imagined

Hello all, welcome to a new programming¬†adventure. In this blog you can see the progress of the Code¬†Re-imagined¬†(CR) project. CR is an eclipse plug-in. The idea is simple: turn your java code into a super¬†Mario¬†game stage. Then you can follow¬†Mario¬†while debugging your code and¬†quickly¬†access any place on it. Many features are expected to be developed in the future, so stay connected if you like this. The code of the project is in a very early stage so don’t expect too much, the important thing is the idea behind. Thank you!

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