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CUSL Final Prizes

Congratulations to Lynckia, now called Licode for wining the CUSL contest. They really made a good work.

CodeReimagined keeps adding new features, and a paper has recently been submitted to SEED (Simposio Español de Entretemimieto Digial).

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CUSL ’13 (Spanish Universitary Free Software Contest) has a local winner in Granada

And the winner is… Zomblind! Congratulations. They made a great audio-game for blind people (but also for anyone who likes games of zombies).

Code Reimagined,  Osgiliath,  Truco, and Daf Collage were awarded with an accesit. Here is de presentation I made with Prezi: Spanish presentation.

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CUSL Local Final in Granada

Tomorrow is the local final in Granada of the CUSL contest. I will show a brief presentation about the project, its development and some results. I’ll post the presentation here as soon as I finish it. I don’t expect to win at all but everything could happen… who knows. See you there (ETSIIT, salón de grados at 9:30am). Ah! the school’s anniversary is too, you all are invited to this nice fiesta. 🙂

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#6hackathon summary

Last weekend Maryo continued his adventure at Spiral StartUp facilities. We were given there a beautiful space to work and have some fun all together. The result: now you can see Maryo walking over the code as you move the caret on it. Here is a screen capture:


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New hackathon coming soon… April 19th

Finally a new opportunity for Code Reimagined to leverage great talents from IT school  in Granada (and make steps forward) has arisen from the arrangement of another hackathon meeting. This time will be at Spiral Startups, during the weekend of April, 19th. If you feel strong, healthy and you like classic games and programming, you are invited to participate and also have some fun with us. Thanks!

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New versions always mean improvements!

We are still working on our project, and we have made some improvements! Now you can choose the Debug Mode!! With this tool you will be able to see rectangles defining methods, variables and more! This way will be even easier to understand the code. Here is an image so you can figure out what we are talking about:


With the button in the right top you can choose between normal mode and the new Debug Mode.

We have also improve the For statement. And a lot of new things are coming soon!

Will you be able to play the Super-Maryo level created by your own code? Who knows…? Impossible is nothing!

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Great news from Eclipse MarketPlace !

Today we have received this e-mail from Christopher Guindon (Eclipse MarketPlace Support):

thank you for submitting Code Reimagined to Eclipse Marketplace. Unfortunately your listing cant be approved because it’s listed under the Eclipse Juno Market. This is only for projects that were in the Juno release train :

Please update your listing under a different Market and I will approve it!

So once we update our project it will be approved!

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Last #5Hackathon day

Today, March the 11th is the last #5Hackathon day.

We have to make the last changes, and prepare our presentation to the people.

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We are in the Eclipse MarketPlace!!

Yeah!! We have uploaded our Code-Reimagined to Eclipse MarketPlace!! So, now, everybody can use it, and make feedback. Nice!!

This is the link –>

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#5Hackathon. The second day.

This is the second day of the 5th Hackathon.

Yesterday, the first day we had an introduce to the “Code-Reimagined Project”: The Java tree… how do we use it for paint our Maryo level… How to choose the images…

Today, the second day, we have been working to change the original Mario images to Open Source “Secret Mario” images –> for have a full Open Source “Code-Reimagined” plugin for Eclipse and Java.

And Yes! Is working now!

You can see some photos of us working on it and a little of our work in our Twitter –>

Yeah! Let’s continue working and having fun!

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